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About Dr. Pat

Dr. Pat has been married for over 37 years to the only woman he can call the love of his life. Dr. Pat and his wife have three lovely children. He enjoys learning and studies frequently. He also enjoys playing games such as COD, Chess, and Board games and watch videos with his wife or children. To relax Dr. Pat likes to listen to some of his favorite worship music and just meditate usually on something calming or the things he wants to challenge himself about. His faith is central to who he is and influences his view of spirituality and life.


  • Ph.D. Counseling  Psychology
  • M.S.  Psychology
  • B.A.  Biblical Literature & Pastoral Counseling

Dr. Pat's Training

Dr. Pat's training includes many hours in intensive outpatient programs. His work at Madigan Hospital's Department of Psychiatry in their intensive outpatient program for soldiers is very special to him and he received an accommodation from the Fort Lewis Base Commander for his accomplishments in raising the quality of the program and the quantity of soldiers they were able to serve. His work at the Meier Clinics (Faith Based) intensive outpatient program allowed him to work with people of faith who were in crisis. Dr. Pat's training also included work with convalescing adults alongside the convalescent provider Senior Connections.

Multimodal Approach

Dr. Pat can provide Group, Individual, and Marital/Family/Couples therapy.  In addition, he can provided mental health care to individuals who are convalescing away from their normal setting.

Financial Considerations and Cost

Dr. Pat does not want anyone to miss out on therapy because
of financial concerns. Please ask about receiving discounted rates.
Rates may be reduced over 60% to 70% in certain circumstances. 

Our Mission: Individual Healing & Growth

Dr. Pat is always examining how to increase his clinical skills using the newest of technology and research.  He uses a theoretically and biblically sound approach that includes person Centered, God Centred, and Christ Centered approaches and the theories of Object Relations, Developmental, Interpersonal, and Attachment models as explanatory and descriptive of the therapeutic interventions which are necessary to produce lasting change in human beings and cooperate with how we are designed to grow.

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About Dr. PatAbout Dr. Pat

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