I understand that it may be important to some, especially people of faith to view my personal statements of my own beliefs. These are some of the primary beliefs I have and that I try to deeply understand. 
Biblical And Therapeutic Understandings
  • God Centered:
God as the Creator and center of all that exists and he has revealed Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Christ Centered:
The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. He has a divine and eternal nature. He became a man and took on the form of a sinless human nature. He is the center of our ability to have a relationship with God the Father.
  • Person Centered:
This includes the view that all individuals are imperfect and have weaknesses common to all. The perfection obtained by Christ's Atonement for mankind gives individuals who accept his gift a position of perfection through forgiveness which is necessary to have a relationship with God but does not make individuals perfect in what they think, feel, and do. Individuals must mature in their thinking, feelings, and actions through integrating God's Truth and Grace. Individuals should be viewed with a nonjudgmental, genuine, open, empathic, and unconditionally positive regard. Although imperfect individuals are able to move forward and mature as individuals. The optimal outcomes in healty growth come from the experience of deep love and the purest truth.
Another Key Can Be Relationships
One key to happiness is learning about healthy relationships- and the closest example to a perfect relationship that we can observe is the one between a mother and her child.
In the first three years of life a healthy child and a healthy mother will experience extreme closeness. Then there is the discovery that they are not the same but two different beings. The child separates and begins to attempt to control and influence their world. He or she will begin to develop their "yes" and "no" in exploring their independence. The child begins to consolidate their view of the mother and child relationship and decide if it feels safe, caring, and loving. They then continue on developing towards a mutual equality of caring and respect about each other's right to be separate and different.  It is this feeling of equality about oneself and others having the right to own their responsibilities and responses that allows one to maintain a feeling of connectedness in relationships with others in their life.

Can We Repair?

I view Love and Truth as the primary influences in the repair of one’s self in a positive change process. Change is a natural part of our growth process. It is important in order to repair emotional growth that one address obstructions to growth so healthy change can be encouraged.
I also see a person's ability to experience positive change as being influenced by other factors. Characterological strengths, mindset, and psychological maturity combined with one’s emotional state and overall sense of wellbeing. These factors have a major impact on a person's ability to cooperate with the process of how we are meant to grow.
This type of healthy change happens best when another being facilitates growth and change with love and a well examined reality. This relationship must strive to project unmerited favor to the individual using attitudes that are non-judgmental, accepting, genuine, open, empathic, and unconditionally positive in their regard of another. And also providing an honest examination of one’s reality is to face the good and bad content necessary to heal injuries and overcome the obstructions to growth.
Individuals can choose to use this type of relationship to help make decisions that produce good growth and change. These decisions may be changes in ones thinking and beliefs about expressing grief, using anger and fears, skills in mending relationships, and the meaning of loving caring relationships.